Camel Club Series

October 15, 2005 saw the release of The Camel Club, the first novel by David Baldacci in a new series by the same name.

The series follows a group of four men – the Camel Club – in Washington DC who are led by someone that goes by the name of ‘Oliver Stone.’

The books in the series are some of the most popular stories by Baldacci and have all made it to the #1 spot on the New York Times bestsellers list upon their release.

Below, we have a list of all the books from the Camel Club series in chronological order. The list has links to individual pages for each of the books where you can find the following information:

  • Its date of publication
  • A description of the book
  • An image of the novel’s front cover
  • A link to read reviews of the story on Amazon or buy a copy if you like the sound of it

If you want to find out about all of David Baldacci’s books and not just those from this particular series, we have a separate list of all his books in order by release date.

Camel Club Series In Order

Full-Length Novels

  1. The Camel Club
  2. The Collectors
  3. Stone Cold
  4. Divine Justice
  5. Hell’s Corner

Short Stories

  1. Bullseye