King And Maxwell Series

On September 30, 2003, David Baldacci released Split Second, a novel that followed the adventures of two ex-Secret Service agents – Sean King and Michelle Maxwell.

He’s since published several more stories in the King And Maxwell series, with each novel reaching the #1 or #2 spot on the New York Times bestsellers list.

The books proved to be so popular that they were adapted for a TV series starring Jon Tenney as Sean King and Rebecca Romijn as Michelle Maxwell.

To help ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these stories, we’ve put together below a complete list of all the books in the King And Maxwell series in chronological order.

The list contains links to separate pages for each of the books. On those pages we’ve provided the following details:

  • Its publication date
  • A description of the novel
  • An image of the book’s cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon where you can buy a copy or read reviews by other readers

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King And Maxwell Series In Order

  1. Split Second
  2. Hour Game
  3. Simple Genius
  4. First Family
  5. The Sixth Man
  6. King And Maxwell